Olight PL-Mini Valkyrie

Today we are looking at the Olight PL-Mini Valkyrie, my pal Jonathan from Gun Guy (www.gunguy.co.za) sent me this little beauty. Now let’s start at the beginning, gunguy.co.za has exceptional service, no doubt about it. I was informed every step of the way and communication was excellent. I would definitely recommend Gun Guy for any potential purchases in future.

Now to the WML.

This little guy packs a punch for its size. For the size and weight the output of this unit is awesome.

These are the stats as per the packaging:

  • 71 minutes battery life
  • 75 Meters Throw
  • Water Resistant IPX6
  • LED Cree XP-L Hi

So what does this mean to you?

You can use this light for 71 minutes before it goes flat. There is a low battery indicator light that will warn you once battery goes low. You will get a 75 meter throw, which is pretty self explanatory.

The IP X6 rating means the following: This is an Ingress Protection Rating for dust and water. The X acts a placeholder as there is really no dust rating, the 6 means the light is water resistant but cannot be submerged in water. So some rain and sweat will be just fine. The CREE XP-L is a high output LED light, this is the latest in CREE technology, so having new technology is always a good thing. This baby spits out 400 Lumens which is ample for EDC.


The light comes packaged in a neat little box. Once opened you have your WML, replacement rail, magnetic charging cable and the tool for the rail screws. The fitted rail is for Glock rails and the replacement rail for other standard picatinny rails.


I mounted this on my CZ P07 Gen 2, the profile is flush and feels just great. I use this with a Edge Custom Carry holster and it’s comfy. Trust me. The overall look is great and I have not experienced and clothing snags on draws. With my grip the switches are perfectly placed to be engaged either with trigger finger or forward thumb.

Charging your WML is a breeze, plug your magnetic charger into any usb port and full charge will achieved in 1 hour.



I have been carrying this for over a week, I have been doing dry-fire and I have no complaints thus far. Attaching the WML is easy peasy with the clamp.

The experience has been very pleasant and the comforting feeling of having a top quality light has been comforting. O yes and did I mention the 2 year warranty?

Go get yourself one of these, it’s definitely a good buy.

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