Sniper Gear, South African owned and all products locally made. I really liked the sound of that, so much I became an authorised dealer for them in my area.

So there are a few things to look out for in a holster, yes we all have that drawer full of the El Paso and nylon types, but when you realise that you need to be as component in your holster purchase as your side arm you know things will change. This is the keeper of your lifeline when your world shits the bed.

These are my observations on the Sniper Gear products.

They are very well made, good quality and they function. Reliability has become more important than looks. In a close second is comfort, the Duty and Micro Holsters really perform well in both departments and I can honestly say that they do exceed what I expected. The Gen2 edc belt was a pleasure! To top it all off Sniper provides a lifetime warranty on their products. They respond to mails and actually care about good service, which is a huge bonus in my books.

I also have the following issues; On the smaller IWB clips. They sometimes do get worn and break. Issue? Not really, I sent them a mail and sure as hell I got shipped new clips. No hassles at all. On the Gen2 belt, it won’t fit through your pants’ loops with the buckles. Solution, they designed the buckle to be easily removed and you can slip the naked belt through your trousers.

In Conclusion

Why would I recommend giving them a try? Because I didn’t play a weekend with these toys, I have been using the Duty for the last 2 years and the belt and micro holster for the last 5 months. They work.

Go check em out here: